How to be our franchise

Franchise Policy
1.Best franchise policy
Regional exclusive agent, exclusive management and unified price to ensure the long-term interests of franchisees

2.Best quality assurance
To supply the best-quality products, assure the refund and replacement of the products and reduce the risks of franchisees

3.Best regulated market management
The entrance and the marketing of new products provide the sound market management system and stabilize the price system, control the flow of goods, strengthen the market management, to ensure the stable market management, avoid the vicious competition as well as ensure the profit margins of franchisees

4.Most systematic terminal publicity material
Assistance and guidance to the terminal promotion, such as display racks, wide publicity materials, etc, make the products not just location shift, but the real sales.

5.The most professional marketing planning
The full range of terminal staff training include product and marketing information, store management, terminal shopping guide skills, technical installation instructions and after-sale services, and other professional training. With the guidance of the professional marketing team, the sales activities will be held in all regions

6.The most comprehensive advertising
To supply the best-quality products, assure the refund and replacement of the products and reduce the risks of franchisees

7.The most effective promotion
Promotional gifts and publicity materials for free and continuous introduction of new marketing programs help improve the sales volume as well as the brand awareness.

Franchising Requirements
1.Equipped with a certain degree of financial strength and liquidity fund for market operations;
2.Provided  with a legitimate business qualifications and suitability of the shop premises;
3.There should have a good brand awareness, sufficient knowledge of brand management and have long-term vision of the development;
4.Equipped with the corresponding concept of modern marketing and organizational management skills and possess a good reputation and goodwill;
5.Identity the enterprise and brand culture of Bergeim Floors of Yekalon Group and committee to complying with the rules and regulations of Yekalon;
6.Maintaining Bergeim Floors brand reputation and image, implement business according to Bergeim Floors VI system and decoration standard;
7.Familiar with the local market , there is a strong marketing and operational capabilities;
8.Not allowed to concurrently manage other brands in the premises, without permission shall not operate other brands and product categories of Yekalon;
9.Willing to work with Bergeim Floors to establish strategic partnership and have determination to make the market bigger and stronger.