Dragon Long

    Curtain Wall Engineering Manager

    After over 15 years'devotion in construction engineering design, Dragon Long has become an expertin this field, and his work successfully demonstrates the simplicity andpracticality. Now as an engineering manager, he is especially good at managingthe projects of curtain wall and steel structure on jobsite.

    As our customers come from different countries, his designsolution is always based on the specific environment, which ensures the finalfit-out can be easily and smoothly finished. His talented and functional designhas been greatly appreciated by our global customers. Besides, he is especiallywelcome when our customers need jobsite measurement and installation guide fortheir projects. Once he comes, the problems can be quickly solved through hisrich experience and professionalism.

    Chen Kang

    Curtain Wall Engineering Director

    A good design should not only appear on the drawing, butalso be made real. It should make inhabitants absorbed in pleasure andhappiness.

    Mr. Chen has vast experience in curtain wall design. After over 15 years’ devotion in this field, heshows his talent, creativity and personality in his work. Chen demonstrates thedesign philosophy of innovation, energy-saving and environmental protection inhis design. He is now a leader in a professional curtain wall design team of 16experienced members. His works have got universal praise and recognition.

    Andres Escobar

    Yekalon International Design Partner

    With an impressive career spanning more than twenty years,Andres Escobar has become one of the interior design industry's most prolifictalents. He has applied his expertise to some of the most high-profilecompanies, retails, restaurants, hospitals, airports, and residential projectsthroughout the world. With a distinct sensitivity to each individual projectand each customer's specific vision at the forefront of the design process, Mr.Escobar's work has received some of the design industry's most prestigious andcoveted accolades and awards.

    Franciso Sun

    Project Design Director

    With over 14 years of design experience, Francisco Sunspecializes in providing original and integrated design solutions forcustomers’ projects, and his design process always starts from the exactunderstanding of business value of a project.

    As the project design director, he has successfullyintegrated planning, architecture, interior and landscapes design as an allencompassing service, which adds more value in our one-stop project solutionfor customers. Especially, he and his team can offer professional design consultancy,such as 3D renderings and material recommendation, which can help customerschoose the most suitable products for their projects. Up to now, Sun hasprovided design solutions for over 700 projects, including villas, schools,hospitals, high-end hotels and so on. His design is always beyond customers’expectation.